Casual Breathable Round Head Leather Shoes for Men (Color:Black Size:43)
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Casual Breathable Round Head Leather Shoes for Men (Color:Black Size:43)

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1. Soft and fold-resistant body, own bending activities.
2. Simple design, interpretation of fashion.
3. It is not advisable to squeeze the toes and release internal pressure.
4. Sewing and combining, stable and beautiful.
5. Increase friction and stabilize support.

38 yards, foot length 240mm
39 yards, foot length 245mm
40 yards, foot length 250mm
41 yards, foot length 255mm
42 yards, foot length 260mm
43 yards, foot length 265mm
44 yards, foot length 270mm

1. The unit of measurement of the above data is mm;
2. Put your foot on the white paper and use the pen to point out the longest point before and after. The distance between the two points is the correct length of the foot;
3. There is a small gap between the left and right feet, which should be based on the data of the big foot;
4. If the instep is high and the foot is wide, it is recommended to choose a large code; if the instep is flat and the foot is slim, it is recommended to choose a small code;
5. The measured size should be approximately the same as the usual wearing size. If there is a large deviation, the measurement method is incorrect, or the data is not accurate enough.