DOLOPL Placemats Black Placemat Leather Table Mats Set of 6 Heat Resistant Easy to Clean Wipeable Waterproof Washable Outdoor Placemats for Kitchen Dining Patio Table Decorations
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DOLOPL Placemats Black Placemat Leather Table Mats Set of 6 Heat Resistant Easy to Clean Wipeable Waterproof Washable Outdoor Placemats for Kitchen Dining Patio Table Decorations

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  • Material: The placemats are made of leather, a synthetic leather product, double sided use, heavy duty and non slip, no odor, pack of 6.
  • Waterproof and Stain proof: The placemat is watertight/water resistant, the sauce or any liquids like milk can't go through, kids friendly; also the kitchen placemats are stain resistant, when spaghetti sauce or wine or other sauce splatters, just wipe off.
  • Heat Resistant: The table mats are heat insulation, ≤275℉(135℃), the yellow placemats definitely will protect table from warm plates, please don't put the hot plate in the leather table placemats directly which's taking out of the oven, let's place on a rack and a little cooling.
  • Easy to Clean: The leather placemats are wipeable placemats and washable placemats, just use the damp dishcloths or paper to wipe off when there are some liquids or sauce over it; also can use brush to clean them.
  • Non Slip: Our synthetic placemats cannot slip all around the table, including wood or glass table, they are non slip placemats.

Product Description

  • Welcome to DOLOPL!
  • DOLOPL is specialized in home decorations, such as placemats, table runners, kitchen dishcloths, coffee filters, shelf liners, door mats, area rugs, pool skimmer socks, garden flags and so on.
  • Our purpose is the first quality, good quality and safety; second, pay more attention to the customer's requirement and satisfy customer's need, providing customers with high quality after sales service.

Black Placemats Set of 6

Descriptions and Considerations:


  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 13 x17.7 inches (Thick: about 1/12" for 1 pack)
  • Package Quantity: Set of 6
  • Material Featurs: Our placemats are synthetic leather placemat, it has a certain permeability, it is characterized by glossy luster, they are floppy or foldable.
  • Functions: Protecting your gorgeous table and table cloths from scratches and stains, reduce the damage to the dining table, protecting your table from warm plates;


  • 1. Dry under the shade.
  • 2. The placemats can't be machine washable.
  • 3. Pay attention to the temperature of the plate: ≤275℉(135℃).
  • 4. If there is a crease in these black placemats, please put something heavy under it for 1 day, the crease will disappear.
  • 5. If there is odor smell when you open the package, it's normal, every items in brand new are the same. The smell will disappear when you put them in a ventilate place.
  • 6. Please clean the placemats immediately when there are some stains in the placemat, especially some sauce.

Table Placemats Set of 6

Placemats for Kitchen Table

When you cook, you can put it on the kitchen table and put the plate on the table mats. When the food is cooked, put it in the plate directly. In this way, avoid the sauce splashing out on the table. If it spills, it can be erased directly, it's so simple and save your time to clean the whole table.

Placemats for Round Table

The farmhouse placemats can be used in round table, because they are cuttable, so you can DIY them as you like, even cut them into round shade, smaller, hexagon, any shapes can be used as long as conditions permit.

Modern placemats

These are modern placemats, whether it's material, workmanship, design or texture, great for glass, wood, marble table,etc.

Functions of the Table Mats

  • Heat Insulation
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Non Slip
  • Reversible
  • Wipeable
  • Washable

Characteristics of the Table Placemats

Easy Clean Placemats

  • The faux pu placemats are really easy to clean, just use wet dishcloths to wipe off or use brush to clean, even rinse with water directly.
  • Of course, if the liquid or debris hardens in the washable placemats, it can be soaked for a few minutes and then washed.

Heat Proof (Placemats that are heat resistant)

  • These are heat resistant placemats, please be sure that the plate's temperture is cool or ≤275℉(135℃).
  • Please don't put the hot plate in the leather table mats directly which's taking out of the oven, let's place on a rack and a little cooling.

100% Waterproof

These are waterproof placemats, due to the material is leather, water or liquids can't go through.


Our placenat is washable placemat, you can put it in the water and clean them, super fit for daily uses.

Clear Texture

  • The farmhouse placemats are advanced design and material, have clear texture and soft, non fading.


  • Our placemats are wipeable placemats, great for dining table, wipe it off when it's dirty, easy and portable.


Our placemats are reversible, choose the side what you like, both are okay to use, can't influence their functions.

Can be Trimmed

The leather placemats can be cut to any shades if you use them to make a handwork, the placemats will not crack.

Clear Texture



Can be Trimmed

3 Occasions for the Dining Table Mats

Placemats for Kids

Our placemats are also kids placemats, sturdiness, durability, great for toddlers, no need to worry about foods or milk overturned when kids are playing in accidentally.

Placemats for Dining Table

Our table mats are set of 6, great for family daily uses, these placemats for kitchen table, modern and fashion to decorate your house, can be used for dining table decor and accessories.

Outdoor Placemats for PatioTable

Basically, you don't need to worry about the placemats will fly under the wind, it's so heavy duty that can be used in outdoor activities, such as for patio table, lawn, yard, great for picnic and family/friends gathering.

They are really great for windy places, except for super windy day.